Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Love - Designed for The Color Room #55 & Pencil Lines #235

Again, I wanted to pair a color combo with a sketch ... and chose these 2 amazing inspirations!

The Color Room's palette was actually tougher to use than I'd expected it to be ... and I found the Pencil Lines sketch very easy to use! 

The Color Room:

Pencil Lines:

Here's my take on the challenges ... I'm not totally thrilled w/ my efforts ... but I don't hate the end result either ... I struggle w/ LO's of Kev, trying not to make them too girlie/frilly ...the doodling around the edges is actually stencil paint ... it has a pointy tip and actually dried with some dimension, kinda like puffy paint ... I just really wish that it wouldn't have run together, because the effect is pretty cool. 

As always, honest comments and opinions are always appreciated!


  1. LOVE this one! Mind you I like any layout with mustard colours...lol... It looks well spaced out and the only thing I would do differently was maybe make the border thinner next time so it just finnishes the page- here I think it is more something that draws your eye??? Great photo! Oh- and my alphas were 'thickers'- one of only a few alpha brands carried at 'spotlight' (a craft and sewing mega store in Aus). But thickers should be available there- it's by American Crafts. If not, we should do a scrap shop for each other!!

  2. totally agree about the border ... it was a total experiment using that paint ... I actually thought about chopping that off and putting a different color as a background instead ... I still might do that!

    We do have Thickers here, but I've not seen that design before ... I'm not sure about down there, but up here they're quite pricey ... I usually don't buy those because I'm a HUGE bargain hunter :)

  3. love you take on this weeks sketch, thanks for joining us at pencil Lines !

  4. I think I picked them up for about $7?? They are usually about $10 so that was a sale I guess?? I'm a bargin girl myself- and have started buying stuff online from the US- your scrap prices are so cheap it's better to buy over there and pay $20 odd in postage! Here MME papers will range from 1.80-2.20 each. Websters would be up to $3 a sheet!!! When I find a good scrap shop I raid it!!! LOL

  5. I love this color combo. I wasn't a big fan of the border at first, but the more I look at it, I like it. You mentioned you didn't want it to look too frilly because it's a "Kev" page, and the thicker lines on the doodles look more masculine. Good job!

  6. Holy Cow, Krissie! That is VERY expensive ... I shudder at the thought of paying $1 for a sheet of paper ... even $.50 is a lot in my world ... we buy complete stacks for $10 - $12 on sale ... I don't blame you for buying here and paying shipping ... seems worth it!


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