Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple Pleasures - Designed for "Show Us Your Stuff" 1st April Challenge

Doing some blog surfing this morning, looking for my next inspiration ... happened upon Show Us Your Stuff and really liked both of the April Challenges ... so I decided to start at the beginning!

The challenge was using pink, blue and yellow and following this sketch: 

I had a really good time designing my layout ... as always, honest comments are appreciated!   thanks for looking!

I'm really not sure why the pic shows the sky as being so blotchy ... it's not like that in real life :)


  1. The sky might be blotchy if it caught your reflection while taking the photo? It has happened to me more than once! xoxo

  2. ...and I got my embossed cardstock at my Local Scrap Shop- It's only 20c dearer than buying the plain stuff, and I suppose you could do it at home, but it's a whole 12x12 sheet which would be had to DIY. I inked mine to bring it out more. I am in Australia though.. so maybe not worth the trip over??? ;)

  3. Layering galore on this. Looks wonderful! How did you do the star? It looks crackled.

  4. Thanks Lisa - I opened my pink paint and found a 'paint booger' on top ... it was all gummy and needed to go before I could get to the liquid paint ... so I pulled it out w/ my finger (HA!) and had to put it somewhere ... so it ended up on the star and I loved it!


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