Monday, March 14, 2011

Color Combos Galore #183

This layout is for Color Combos Galore, challenge 183 ... the inspiration image was gorgeous and I just loved working with this palette ...

Here's the inspiration:

Here's my take on it:


  1. I thought I posted on this one... oh well.

    I love the blue butterfly. It looks like material, is it? Also, the orange butterflies on the left look like a silhouette, maybe? Looks great!

  2. The blue butterfly is actually a sticker photo mat that I've been carrying around FOREVER ... I never use those, and I'm not sure why?! The orange/black/vellum butterfly on the left is stacked ... I got those from someone on ebay a gazillion years ago ... was digging through my stash looking for butterflies and came up w/ those ... I'm also really loving the chipboard thing lately ... painting those to match the page has worked out well, and my bag of it is getting lighter!


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