Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow ... Is it the middle of May ALREADY?!?!?!

Sigh ... I just realized that my last post was April 28th ... that means 2 weeks without any scrapbooking, and that isn't good for my creative side!  I spent Saturday with my friend, Tracy, at a charity scrapbook event and managed to get 4 pages done ... I've decided that 'speed scrappin' isn't working for me ... and that quality should always trump quantity when I go to an event ... I've found that I like my pages MUCH better when I take my time and don't let the clock rule ...

Here's what I got done on Saturday:

 edit to add the 4th layout ... took me a while to finish placement of the flowers!


  1. Look you and all your negative space on Fallin 4 U. I love how you angled and snipped off the corner of the pictures. And Out & About in Mendoza... where did you get the little camera with all the "picture" sayings? Cute as all get out! Great job on all the layering. I NEED to work on that!

  2. Thanks! The camera sticker is actually Jolee's ... I've been carrying it around for years and had trouble figuring out how/when to use it! I can't take credit for the angled/snipped pics ... that was all Tracy!

  3. I love the flowers. They look great and add a wonderful frame. Well done my friend!

  4. Pam pam PAM! those pages are gorgeous.. your clustering, your design.. love them :) know what oyu mean about scrapping by the clock - I totally cant scrap, I need to take my time - haha - hence why I dont go to those scrappy event things. haha
    thanks for stopping by my blog and the comments, I truly appreciated them x

  5. I love picture perfect the best- Your flowers all sit perfectly into each other and I have always struggled with that- great job! And look at all your travel pics- you well travelled thing ;) xoxo


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