I am a Golfer.  Photographer. Poker Player.  Cook.  World Traveler.  Friend.  Gahlic Lover. Scrapbooker. Coffee Fiend.  Sister. Chocoholic. Carb Addict.   Dog Lover. Daughter. I am allergic to everything environmental.  I never get sick. I love yoga. My favorite smell in the world is 'puppy breath'.   I'm a professional back scratcher.  I love to paint (walls not pictures).  I suck at picking out window treatments.  I love soup.  Even in the summer, I love soup.  I am generous.   My feet are always cold.  Always.  I have a big heart.  I am addicted to the internet.  I love games.  All kinds of games.  I love to camp.  Soft t-shirts and jeans are my standard outfit.  I work from home.   

I am happy.  

I am me.

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