Monday, October 1, 2012

C.S.I. Case File 38

Love this Case File and had a blast solving it!

Here's how I solved this Case ... I'm super giddy over the result ...

CSI #37

Since Peace, Love & Scrapbooking sponsored C.S.I. for the month of August, Lisa and I were featured as Guest Detectives all month long ... when that ended I decided to continue to play along since Debbi does such an awesome job with the Case Files!

Case File 37:

Here's how I solved this case:

this is very different than my usual style ... I love all of the doodling/pen work and messy paint splatters  ... thanks for looking ... 

Color Me Scrappy - Challenge #13

October 1st ... where has the year gone?  It was this time last year that Lisa and I started kicking around ideas to start out own challenge blog ... low and behold, a year later and here we are!  Challenge #13 has been posted, our first Design Team's term is coming to an end and we're sorting through applications for the next term of Designers ... wow!  In that time I've also started my own kit club (Peace, Love & Scrapbooking) ... things have been hectic in my scrapping world, but I wouldn't change it for anything! 

Here's the fabulous palette we've selected to welcome fall to our lives ... seems appropriate, dontcha think?!

My page features photos from our trip to Germany last year (are you sick of them yet?!)  I messed up in the planning and didn't realize that you needed a reservation to tour the Reichstag ... and they were sold out the entire time we were there ... so all we got to do was see the outside ...